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Here are Emma’s thoughts on what has been happening in the property world and the wider economy, plus an insight into what the Tungsten team have been up to this month.

Why Everyone Should Take Up Boxing

On today’s episode, Steve discusses the reasons why everyone should take up boxing and the benefits it can give you. He goes on to give you insights into everything that boxing involves and how it can help you. Did you know that boxing has more messages than just...

Tungsten Management Group Update Part Five

In February 2019 I have given a very personal insight into my life as a mother and a director of TMG! I talk about my experience of having a new schedule that is very different from my previous London based career, use of others who offer their help and also how I can...

Dwayne Johnson – The Wake Up Call | One Of Most Compelling Speeches!

Dwayne Johnson had a wake up call after an accident in the ring during a WWF fight. This video is extremely motivating as Dwayne had a severe injury and could have lost his career in WWF and then lead him to not fulfil the extraordinary acting career he enjoys today....


As we enter 2019, TMG have nearly reached our 2 year anniversary! When we first started in 2017, we had single let properties and property management experience, but the team knew there were more opportunities available beyond single lets. We were also aware that...

HMOs! Are They a Recession Proof Property Strategy?

Welcome back to another episode of The Steven Sulley Study. Today Steven talks to you about property and explains specifically about the HMO sector and why you should get into the HMOs now to make guaranteed money. Hop in to learn about this and much more. KEY...

Tungsten Management Group Update Part Four

The first video for 2019. I give a run down on what TMG achieved in 2018 such as the purchase, refurb and full let of two properties and completed on a third property just before Christmas. TMG are also embarking on the largest HMO ever in 2019 and also joining a...

Oprah Winfrey’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future

  When you work for yourself and are self employed it is hard to stay motivated. I have touched on mentorships in the TMG January 2019 blog and a big part of the mentorship program is to keep you motivated. This speech from Oprah Winfrey makes us question what do...

Tungsten Management Group Update Part Three

This month I give you an update on how TMG have accomplished such huge progress since April 2018. This has been down to the organisation skills I have mastered through 11 years in the event industry as I approach the dressing of each property with the same methodical...

Introduction: #006 Visions and Goals Board

In today’s episode, discover the secrets to achieving your vision and goals. Learn how to create your very own vision and goals board and understand the importance in having a constant reminder of the things you want to achieve, what you have to have and what you want...

Joint Venture

As we reach the end of 2018, I wanted to pause and reflect on the past 9 months as TMG have achieved a tremendous amount. Since April 2018, TMG have purchased an additional two properties; the first is now fully let to four tenants and the second (bought in early...

Progressive Property

  The two founders of TMG, Emma and Steven have been on their VIP journey with Progressive Property who are based in Peterborough. Hear the story from Rob Moore who describes the joint venture that was started by a chance meeting at a networking event and where...

Your goldmine area

In November 2018, I gave an overview of why the area you invest within is so critical to get right from the outset. I wanted to give a deeper dive into this area and this video is a great start for those who are yet to find an investment area. It is very detailed and...

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Tungsten Management Group
Tungsten Management Group
Another great example of #Medway Council investing £3.7million into #Medway by improving the infrastructure, creating 38,500m² of commercial floor space and ultimately raising employment opportunities.
#TMG #Medway #Kent #HMO #Rentaroom
Tungsten Management Group
Tungsten Management Group
The TMG team have been out in Gillingham, Kent looking at the Tennyson Road project as it is very nearly finished! #Medway #Kent #HMO #rentaroom #TMG
Tungsten Management Group

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Today hosts an episode from the Steven Sulley Study where Steven discusses the reasons why everyone should take up boxing and the benefits it can give.
#TMG #HMO #Kent #Medway #Rentaroom

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