Are you a young professional looking for a room to rent?

Are you a young professional looking for a room to rent in Medway? Well Tungsten MG can help as we can offer double bedrooms with ensuites

  • A range of fantastic properties to choose from
    • Upper Luton Road
      Upper Luton Road
    • Our HMO properties in Medway, Kent
      Our HMO properties in Medway, Kent
    • Canterbury Street
      Canterbury Street
  • What our clients say
    • We have been living at Newbury Road since August 2017. The property is perfect for us, and great value. It has been well looked after and is in a great location for commuting but also enjoying the local amenities.

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    • I just relocated to the UK in July, and I rented Emma’s apartment in Bromley. The apartment is in a great condition, all the renovations that I was told to be done before I move were actually done (as I heard that some landlords do not keep their words).

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    • Working with Emma over the past 2 years has been inspiring and an absolute pleasure. They go above and beyond to create an outstanding product for tenants needing safe, secure and comfortable accommodation.

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      Letting Agent
    • Tungsten Management Group is a company that has integrity and all round support when it comes to the management of the homes it looks after. I have found my relationship with them easy going and simple. The last thing I what is to be concerned with the ups and downs of looking after tenants. TMG just cater for that and they give me piece of mind when I go to bed of a evening. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the property space.

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    • I have been working with Emma for 16 months searching for suitable properties for her portfolio. In this time I have always found her extremely professional and it has been a pleasure to work for her. Her instructions are always very timely and clear and her high standards are obvious in the type of properties she is searching for. It is obvious Emma and TMG have a great future ahead of them. I wish them every success and hope to continue to be a part of it.

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      Property Sourcer
  • You might need us when
    • you are overpaying on your current rental home
    • you wish to move out of your parents house, a shared property, your relationship status changes
    • you feel you are living in an inadequate space
    • your landlord does not respond to your issues in a swift manner
    • you are not placed with others in a similar life stage to you
    • Why choose Tungsten Management Group?
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        Responsive Letting Agent

        You have access to an online platform to report any issues any time of day or night and someone will respond. The team are located in Medway so are physically able to attend your house if needed.

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        Newly refurbished rooms to let

        All our rooms are brand new, so you could be the first person to call the room your home. The regular inspections will ensure that the house is kept in great condition and be a home that the Tungsten MG team would be proud to live in.

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        Great value for money

        Included in the very competitive rents are all your bills – gas, electric, water, council tax and high speed Wi-Fi broadband plus Tungsten MG include within your rent a cleaner and gardener (where appropriate).

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        We can about you as an individual

        Tungsten MG and our letting agency care about your as an individual and not just as a tenant. We ensure that you know from the start who else will be living in a share house with you. The lettings team are contactable 247 if you have any emergency need, or during office hours if you have a questions about the local area, the house or you want to raise an issue.

        Tungsten MG have made the rooms comfortable and modern, so that a young professional can be proud to call their space home, and look forward to coming home.

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        Use reputable teams

        Tungsten MG work with other teams who have been recommended and worked in their own fields for many many years. We have done the background checks on these teams ,so we can be assured the service they give to you as what a young professional expects. They are all very conscientious and therefore their workmanship is second to none and we are proud to work alongside them all .

    • We'll help you to
      • live in comfortable modern spaces
      • meet like minded fellow house mates
      • experience a new are in Medway, Kent
      • enjoy coming home each day
      • Examples of our work
        • Upper Luton Road, ME5
          Upper Luton Road, ME5
          Tungsten Management Group
        • Marlborough Road, ME7
          Marlborough Road, ME7
          Tungsten Management Group
        • Tennyson Road, ME7
          Tennyson Road, ME7
          Tungsten Management Group
      • We want you to avoid the pain of
        • slow responses from Letting Agent on replies to things that are important
        • moving to Medway, Kent as a young professional in a new area
        • living in inadequate spaces
        • being unable to move out of a property you no longer wish to move to
        • long drawn out process to let one of our spaces once you have viewed the space
        • not feeling like an individual
        • Some Useful Statistics
          • 52 minutes

            from Gillingham to London St Pancras via rail

          • £8000

            can be saved if you commute from Chatham Kent. A season ticket at £4,124 pus £866 pcm to rent a  two or three bedroom property verses the equivalent in London at £22,604. (

          • 68000

            passengers use Southeastern rail from Kent into central London during 08:00 to 09:00 each weekday

        • Consider using us even if
          • your struggling to gather a deposit
          • you little time for viewings
          • do not need to move to Medway, Kent right now
          • you are unsure of Medway, Kent as a location to move to
          • you are happy with your current living arrnagements
          • Get started today
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          • Common Questions
            Can I have a pet?

            In our shared houses we are unable to allow pets but it is something we will consider and have allowed before in single let properties

            How is referencing carried out?

            Referencing is done as part of the application and the lettings team will try to obtain written references. The idea is to gather information from employees, past landlords and character reference to support the information you provide. A credit search, using an independent referencing company will also be carried out by the lettings team.

            If you require a guarantor the guarantor will be referenced in the same way.

            How long is an AST?

            The minimal length of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy is 6 months with us and once this time period is reached you can opt for a rolling contract with one months notice or you can sign another AST for a further 6 months

            What is an AST?

            The most common form of agreement in the UK for a rented property is referred to as an AST and is abbreviated from ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy’.

            As stated on the Landlord Referencing website, an AST applies if

            • you’re a private landlord or housing association
            • the tenancy started on or after 15 January 1989
            • the property is your tenants’ main accommodation
            • you don’t live in the property

            A tenancy can’t be an AST if:

            • it began or was agreed before 15 January 1989
            • the rent is more than £100,000 a year
            • the rent is less than £250 a year (less than £1,000 in London)
            • it’s a business tenancy or tenancy of licensed premises
            • it’s a holiday let
            • the landlord is a local council
            Where is my deposit held?

            The deposit is taken via our Letting Agent at the start of every tenancy. The deposit figure is normally one months rent and will cover any malice damages.

            Bound by the Housing Act 2004, landlords have to place all of the deposit in a government approved scheme. It is referred to as a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) and  your rent must be placed into a  TDP within 30 days after receiving it. If they do not the landlord can be prosecuted.

            The TDP is protected for both the landlord and tenant and if you do not damage the property and pay your rent on time and in full, you will get the deposit back at the end of the tenancy.

            Who could I be living with?

            All the people who rent a space from Tungsten Management Group are over 18 professional people. Due to the area that our properties reside they are mainly nurses, doctors, prison wardens, teachers and commuters.
            We endeavour to place those in similar careers in the same houses so everyone understands how a shift pattern can impact on someones lifestyle

            Will you consider me if I am a student or self employed?

            If you are a student and over the age of 18 we would need to ask for proof of sufficient and consistent income. If you are unable to provide this we would ask for a parent, relative or close friend to guarantee the rent

            If you are self-employed, we ask for bank statements going back 3 years.