Working from home ... the new norm!

Posted by tungstenmg
Last updated 21st December 2020
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  • Twitter has offered staff the option of working from home permanently,
  • The positive and negatives of working from home
    • Increase time with your family
    • Reduce stress and fatigue of commuting as the average London commute is 74 minutes a day
    • Increase your health as you can enjoy the outdoors or sporting activities as you recoup time without your commute
    • Manage household and life errands throughout the week so you can spend the full weekend doing what you want to do
    • Reduced business infrastructure costs
    • Reduce impact on the environment
    • Recruit people from further afield as there us less focus on your travel distance to the office
    • Strain on family relations as people are not used to having all family members at home for such long time periods
    • Reduced co-worker interaction on a business and personal note
    • Reduced productivity and qualuty
    • Reduced work/life balance as can you truly switch off when your office could be your bedroom?
    • Increased cost for landlords as bills rise as tenants spend longer at home so use more energy
    • Hard to build new relations over a computer screen as its easy to misread body language cues
    • Increased isolation and mental health issues
  • In April 2020, 86% of people working from home did so as a result of COVID-19.