The Social Media Dilemma

Posted by tungstenmg
Last updated 1st November 2020
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  • US girls aged from 10-14 suicide rates have soared by up to 150% from 1999-2009 (Netflix)
    • Connection to the global world 24 hours a day where ever you are
    • Pulling information from social media to learn, evolve and hear others opinions
    • Socialise with those you can't physical see through distance, time or global pandemic!
    • Share with others your memories and moments
    • Start up and growth of business
    • Create an unrealistic image of your life which people cannot realistic live up to
    • Place pressure on a young generation who are not mentally stable to cope with this 247 world of unrealtic expectatsions of beauty, adevnture, luxuries
    • Extreme groups recuting for unkind reasons that cause tohers harm
    • An average user spends 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media in 2020, which reduces are time connecting how we evolved to connect
    • Cyberbullying which can reach you where ever you are, as they can reach you through your device in your own bedroom
  • There are only two industries that refer to their customers as users: illegal drugs and software. Edward Tufte