Steven Sulley Study #015

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Last updated 11th August 2019
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On today’s episode, Steve discusses the reasons why everyone should take up boxing and the benefits it can give you. He goes on to give you insights into everything that boxing involves and how it can help you.

Did you know that boxing has more messages than just boxing itself?

Hop on to this episode as fast as you can and learn everything there is to know about boxing, how it’s related to real life experiences, and why all of us should take it up.


Boxing helps to keep your emotions intact. You learn to deal with pain, punishment and adversity in any walk of life and you can remain composed, keep moving forward, working your plan, developing yourself and overcoming those challenges.

Boxing relieves stress. Pressure from family and work can turn into a mode amount of stress or sometimes high level of stress and you need an outlet and one better way of getting an outlet is boxing. Taking up boxing is going to be a good medicine for you as it’s completely natural. Competition. Boxing gives you the will to compete. You start to develop that characteristic of being a competitor when you come second best and you don’t win the fight. When you transfer that into other things like business sales investments or even doing other sports, you have that competitive edge.

Defending yourself. Learning how to defend yourself gives you the element of feeling confident and empowered. Learning boxing skills is just like having a loaded gun with you, it does not mean you have to use it because it’s loaded but you feel you have protection with you. Fitness. Boxing gives you that body fitness which keeps you healthy and not forgetting that boxing also gives you that mental fitness in that it helps you get your mind out off things that may be clouding up in your mind unlike other games sports like running where you know that you are running and you may over think some things while running. Boxing is the best way to keep fitness.


“Boxing is much the same as sales, if you can work, plan your work and work your plan it means, even in times of toughness and when things are going against you, if you can remain composed, very calm and keep your emotions completely in a calm state, then you can keep moving forward and win that fight.”

“Competition breeds excellence. It’s very difficult to become excellent at anything in life unless you’ve got some sort of competition.”

“In life, you have to expect the best but prepare for the worst.”


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The Steven Sulley Study is my take on success. My view is you should have multiple focuses to be a well-rounded individual. Success shouldn’t be just one thing like money, for example, it should also consist of a healthy fit lifestyle and thriving relationships. As a person who has made a success in life and also made huge cock-ups I feel I can offer suggestions and tips on how to become successful or at least start your pursuit. My ‘Study’ has taken resources from reading and education plus being around, my perception, of successful people and I, know a lot of successful people from all walks of life. My ‘Study’ coming from my experiences in business, investing, sales (my core background), training, boxing and education has enabled me to become well rounded and successful.


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