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Last updated 11th August 2019
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As we are over half way through 2018, it is a good time to reflect on what you have achieved and what the next six months will look like. Take some time to refocus on your goals that may now be in the bottom draw of your desk! Revisit my April and May blogs.

A very productive and mindful exercise the TMG team did last week was to create a goals board. This visual aid brings your goals to life and personalises them. One of my personal goals is to take my family on a Virgin Upper Class flight so I now have an image of the cabin with our faces superimposed on my goals board! Another personal goal is to create a foundation as I want to give back to others like all successful entrepreneurs do, so I have created a TMG Foundation logo.

Reflect on what you have done and achieved. Write down all you have loved, loathed, enjoyed and found challenging, and then celebrate. All to often we set a goal, achieve it and then move onto the next goal. We should take the time to congratulate ourselves on each milestone with colleagues, family and loved ones.

Look at how your goals are organised. Running your own business can sometimes engulf you in everyday tasks yet as a business owner or budding entrepreneur we need the business to operate without us. See March’s blog on outsourcing and time management. I read a great article that could help with this​dom-price/5-rituals-​for-regaining-your-f​ocus-in-2018.html

A key compound to success is looking ahead, so we know where our ship is heading. Over the summer period most industries quieten down so use this opportunity to go on a course or a retreat, read up on your industry literature etc. At TMG we are reaching the end of our VIP programme so we are looking at other mentorships to uphold our accountability to our peers. These groups keep us focused, refreshed, vibrant and interested in an ever changing landscape.

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.
(Japanese proverb).

Take Away Points

  • Reflect on the past six months so you can learn from these experiences and celebrate milestones too.
  • Look forward with clarity and direction to get you to where you want to be in the next six months.
  • Stay accountable to your network, mentor and colleagues so you keep moving towards your vision and goals.