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In November 2018, I gave an overview of why the area you invest within is so critical to get right from the outset. I wanted to give a deeper dive into this area and this video is a great start for those who are yet to find an investment area. It is very detailed and comprehensive but I hope it gives you some great insight into what you should be looking out for.

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Tungsten Management Group
Tungsten Management Group
Another great example of #Medway Council investing £3.7million into #Medway by improving the infrastructure, creating 38,500m² of commercial floor space and ultimately raising employment opportunities.
#TMG #Medway #Kent #HMO #Rentaroom
Tungsten Management Group
Tungsten Management Group
The TMG team have been out in Gillingham, Kent looking at the Tennyson Road project as it is very nearly finished! #Medway #Kent #HMO #rentaroom #TMG
Tungsten Management Group

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Today hosts an episode from the Steven Sulley Study where Steven discusses the reasons why everyone should take up boxing and the benefits it can give.
#TMG #HMO #Kent #Medway #Rentaroom

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