3 great solutions to juggle life, a career and parenthood

Posted by tungstenmg on June 8, 2020
  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    As an entrepreneur it can be difficult juggling life whilst feeling you are being pulled towards a career and away from parenthood.

    You may feel that you often fall short as you are spread thin so our thought-provoking article takes a look at the 3 best ways to resolve this,

    • focusing on your two roles at set time
    • talking to others about your feelings
    • finding someone to care for the children
    • Finding someone to care for your children

      Having time away from my 20 month year old son has been key to allow Tungsten MG to grow at the rate it has. I am fortunate to have his Nan local so he can spend 1.5 days a week with her (before Covid-19).  This time alone gives me a set amount of hours to get key tasks complete, and it is surprising how productive you can be when you need to be.

      Looking for childcare options mainly comes down to finances and what resources you have. If you do not have low cost childcare nearby like iI do then you will have to look for external care such as a nursery. We are planning to sent our son to nursery in January 2021 as we think nursery is a step towards preparing for school, encouraging play, interaction skills and listening to others beyond family members.

      Having childcare is good for my son, myself and Tungsten MG.

    • talking to others about your feelings

      In March 2020 the world was turned upside down by Covid-19 and as I write this article we are still in lockdown. In this time mental health and wellbeing as been more critical then ever before as are forced to isolate and seize enjoying what pleasures we loved.

      Being surrounded by a supportive partner, friends and family and being an open and honest person allows me to lay my feelings on the table easier,  but many people do not. Being in the 21st century places so many pressures on us that the generation before did not have to cope with. “Talking about your feelings can help you stay in good mental health and deal with times when you feel troubled” www.mentalhealth.org.uk. It does not matter who you speak to as you could talk your feelings out aloud to yourself, but having a sound board is vital to express feelings that you have been carrying around in your head.

      Remember that “a problem shared is a problem halved” and talking about an issue or problem can usually makes it less daunting or troubling.

  • Feeling a little stuck in the mud?

    It’s essential to get yourself in the right frame of mind to start achieving the results you want. Once you are aware of these common drains on your time and results, it becomes so much easier to overcome them.

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